Alhassan Ahmadu Dantata

Alhassan Ahmadu Dantata, born 16th May 1957, is the grandson of Alhassan Dantata (1877 – 17 August 1956) the most prominent businessman in West Africa in his time. His source of great wealth came from the trade in commodities with the United Africa Company and later the Royal Niger Company. He dealt not only in groundnuts and kola nuts (the original ingredient for Coca-Cola) but also in cattle, cloths, beads, precious stones, grains, rope and other things. Alhassan Dantata died in 1956 and the shares in the business were subsequently distributed to the family. In 1958 Ahmadu Dantata became the Managing Director of Alhassan Dantata & Sons, with his brother Aminu, as the Deputy Managing Director. When Ahmadu died in 1960, Aminu Dantata became the head of the business. Alhassan Ahmadu Dantata the son of Ahmadu Dantata, was then brought up by his uncle Aminu Dantata. He started business in May 1978 in Lagos with his cousin Usman Dantata & his nephew Aliko Dangote. He is on the board of numerous companies in various capacities through his investment portfolio management company, Crescent House Limited, which is also the parent company of SIDIL GROUP. He is married with three children.